International Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2019

  • Case Report: A Rare Case of Coronary-Bronchial Fistula Associated with a Large Lung Bullae and Bronchiectasis Presenting as Dyspnea

    Farid Maalouf, Nadine Kawkabani, Simon Bejjani, Omar Boustros, Nabil Khoury, Abbas Chamsuddin, Rola Darwish, Pierrette Habib, Bassam Abou Khalil, Paul Charbel

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2019
    Pages: 56-59
    Received: 29 May 2019
    Accepted: 29 June 2019
    Published: 11 July 2019
    Abstract: Coronary artery fistulas (CAF) are rare but hemodynamically significant anomalies. Although asymptomatic, they can be associated with several cardiorespiratory conditions. Coronary to bronchial fistulas (CBF) account for 0.5% to 0.61% of coronary artery fistulas, with fistulas arising from the right coronary artery being exceedingly rare. These fis... Show More
  • Atrial Septal Defect with Rheumatic Mitral Regurgitation: A Rare Association in a Nigerian Child

    Olugbenga Olalekan Ojo, Uvie Ufuoma Onakpoya, John Akintunde Okeniyi, Anthony Taiwo Adenekan, Muyiwa Afolabi Owojuyigbe, Oluwakemi Tolu Adegoke

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, May 2019
    Pages: 60-63
    Received: 12 August 2019
    Accepted: 3 September 2019
    Published: 18 September 2019
    Abstract: Atrial septal defect (ASD) coexisting with mitral valve regurgitation has been described in literature with various aetiologies and pathophysiologic mechanisms. Mitral valve lesions coexisting with an ASD could either be congenital or acquired. The most prominent congenital mitral valve pathology is a cleft in the anterior leaflet of the mitral val... Show More