Journal of Photonic Materials and Technology

Reviewers (17)
  • Dr. Zhexue Chen
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Large-Scale Scientific Facility and Centre for Zero Magnetic Field Science, Beihang University, Beijing, China
  • Dr. Amina Boubekraoui
    Researcher, Department of Physics, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco
  • Dr. Ouafae Ninis
    Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetouan, Morocco
  • Dr. Petronela Gheorghe
    Department of Lasers, National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele, Romania
  • Yasser Rajabi
    Department of Physics, Damghan university, Damghan, Iran
  • Christian Salas
    Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras, Posgrado e Investigación, Universidad Kino A.C., Hermosillo, Mexico
  • Hayat Arbouz
    Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, Blida 1 University, Blida, Algeria
  • Dharmendar Kumar Sharma
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
  • Zen Sbeah
    Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Shoolini University, Solan, India
  • Dr. Parvejha Shamshuddin Maldar
    Assistant Professor, Department of Sciences and Humanities, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Islampur, India
  • Dr. Madhuri Mishra
    Center for Research in Nano Technology and Science, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Hosna Sultana
    Department of Electrical and Computer Science, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, United States
  • Rui Wang
    Department of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China
  • Amin Alizadeh
    Department of Chemistry, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnique), Tehran, Iran
  • Ruiji Li
    School of Pharmacy, Jining Medical University, Rizhao, China
  • Nidhi Gupta
    Metalsand Mineral Division, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi, India
  • Dr. Rui Zu
    Scientist, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, United States