Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Volume 2, Issue 6, December 2017

  • Study on Prevalence of Major Ixodid Ticks of Cattle, in Selected Sites of Harari Region, Eastern Ethiopia

    Meseret Mohammed, Tilaye Demissie, Akinaw Wagari

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 6, December 2017
    Pages: 96-100
    Received: 2 August 2017
    Accepted: 19 October 2017
    Published: 7 December 2017
    Abstract: A cross sectional study was conducted on the identification and prevalence estimation of cattle tick species in selected areas of Harari Regional State from December 2015 to April 2016 with a total number of 384 cattle. Adult ticks were collected from main body regions of cattle which were kept under extensive management system and then transported... Show More
  • Diversity of Spiders in Three Habitat Types in Impasug-Ong Protected Area, Bukidnon, Philippines

    Geonyzl Lepiten Alviola, Abdel Muamar Alonto Disomimba

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 6, December 2017
    Pages: 101-109
    Received: 10 August 2017
    Accepted: 6 September 2017
    Published: 27 December 2017
    Abstract: Araneae are widely distributed in all types of environment. The group usually served as pest controllers in most agrosystem habitat. Yet, they are poorly known in the Philippines. This paper aimed to provide information on the diversity and distribution of Araneae in three habitat types: roadside, nearby stream, and mixed dipterocarp area within th... Show More