International Journal of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2014

  • QSAR for Antimycobacterial Activity of β-Thia Adduct of Chalcone and Diazachalcone Derivatives

    Younes Abrouki, Abdelkader Anouzla, Hayat Loukili, Ahmed Rayadh, Driss Zakarya, Mohamed Zahouily

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2014
    Pages: 20-25
    Received: 8 July 2014
    Accepted: 23 July 2014
    Published: 30 July 2014
    Abstract: Quantitative structure-activity antimycobacterial relationships have been studied for a series of β-thia adduct of chalcone and diazachalcone derivatives by means of multiple linear regression (MLR) and artificial neural networks (ANN). The antimycobacterial activity against M. tuberculosis H37Rv of the compounds studied was well correlated with de... Show More