What is Manuscript Transfers?

Sometimes editors have to reject sound manuscripts for reasons other than the research’s quality; for example, the manuscript may not fit well with the journal’s aims and scope. Understanding the time and effort required for authors to choose another suitable journal and undergo the review process again, SciencePG has introduced the Manuscript Transfers service. This service is specifically designed to direct your research to its most fitting journal within SciencePG portfolio. Furthermore, you have the ultimate authority to decide where to submit and publish your manuscript.

Benefits of Manuscript Transfers
  • Selection

    The service gives you a variety of suitable alternative journals to ensure your research reaches the right audience.

  • Time-saving

    No need for reformatting, and your manuscript files are automatically transferred.

  • Faster Publication

    By transferring all previous reviews, we help eliminate the need for re-review, thus shortening the time between submission and publication.

How does Manuscript Transfers Work?

After initial rejection, the editor might suggest your manuscript could be suitable for another journal in our portfolio.

Based on this recommendation and your preferences, we'll use our journal-matching technology to find the best home for your work.

If you decide to transfer your manuscript, we will handle the transfer process on our end.

Please note that transferring your manuscript does not guarantee acceptance. All journals in the SciencePG portfolio operate independently, and your manuscript will be evaluated according to their specific criteria.

Not Interested in a Transfer?

Your manuscript will not be transferred without your consent. If you decide not to transfer your manuscript at any stage, simply inform us, and we will respect your decision.

Withdrawal of a Transfer

You have the right to withdraw a transfer at any point during the process. No obligation is imposed on you to submit your manuscript to the journals suggested by the editor.