American Journal of Applied Chemistry

Special Issue

Supramolecular Assembly, Renewable Energy and Biopolymers

Submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2024
Status: Open for Submission
There are strong reasons for proposing this special issue at this point in time where increased knowledge in science and technology has advanced man to new ways of living, thinking and solving problems. It is only plausible for us in this journal special issue to utilize supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology to solve the emerging problems as regards plastic waste disposal and pollution problems which has threatened biodiversity and also to develop new eco-friendly biopolymers for sustainable renewable energy utilization and drug delivery and biomedical applications.
There is a serious move currently to break away from the conventional plastics and polymers derived from petroleum. This is due to global environmental concerns regarding their non biodegradable nature and the need to maintain a low carbon profile in the atmosphere. More so the need to highlight the threats posed to the environment and the development of sustainable eco-friendly polymers have formed the basis for proposing this special issue. According to expert estimation, as much as about 20% of world crude oil supplies are used for synthetic polymers production due to increased demand despite the environmental challenges associated with fossil fuels, hence the need for novel cheap and sustainable biopolymers through supramolecular assembly and from renewable resources for diverse uses and applications.
The primary goal of this special issue are as follows;
(1) To encourage research into the synthesis of biopolymers through supramolecular assembly and Nanopolymer composites via nanotechnology for renewable energy application and biomedical uses.
(2) To stimulate research into the synthesis of biopolymers through microbial action and biotechnology applications.
(3) To stimulate research into the application of biotechnology in tackling polymer waste disposal and pollution problems through concerted multidisciplinary approach.
(4) To stimulate research into the synthesis of organometallic polymers with conducting properties.
We hereby invite contributions that explore our broad theme mentioned above with particular interest in the synthesis of biopolymers via supramolecular assembly and nanopolymer composites via nanotechnology.
Types of articles welcomed : Original research articles, review articles, case studies, and special communications.

Potential topics include ,but are not limited to:

  1. Supramolecular assembly of biopolymers and derivatives for drug delivery and packaging applications.
  2. Novel microbial production routes to biodegradable polymers.
  3. Cheaper and novel sustainable routes to biodegradable polymers from petrochemical compounds.
  4. Novel reinforcing bio-nanofillers for eco-friendly natural rubbers and biopolymers for better health safety.
  5. Formulation of Natural rubber compounds via non-sulphur cure methods for better health safety.
  6. Bacterial and fungal degradation of synthetic plastics and elastomers.
  7. Formulation of organometallic polymers.
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