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Special Issue

Fate of Nanomaterial in Aquatic Ecosystem

Submission deadline: Dec. 31, 2022
Status: Submission Closed
In the modern era, nanotechnology and nanoparticles (NPs) have emerged very quickly and have attracted remarkable attention due to their influential activities in the biomedical, environmental, and industrial sectors. However, the interaction of NPs with the environment and their toxicity against aquatic organisms is a matter of intense debate. These studies are incorporating mainly experimental methodologies, which aimed to elucidate the hazardous and toxic effects to the environment, exclusively to aquatic ecosystem and their mitigation. Most of the freshwater ecosystems across the world are polluted by NPs containing effluents discharged from sewage and wastewater treatment plants and/or runoff streams. Presently, lacking are epidemiological studies of nanoparticles effects on the aquatic ecosystem especially fish fauna, therefore, we encourage such determinations to accompaniment other toxicological studies.
The current special issue is a multi-disciplinary approach which aims to collect studies:
Aquatic nano-ecotoxicology to the aquatic organisms but the primary target is fish fauna.
• Method in nano-toxicology that cover tissues, biomarkers, bioaccumulation, mechanisms, and histological aspect in fish fauna.
• The fate and behavior of nanomaterials in fish fauna.

List of Topics:

  1. Chemical/Biological Nanotechnology
  2. Toxicity and Toxic Effects of Nanomaterials
  3. Fate of Nanomaterials in Aquatic Ecosystem
  4. Fate of Nanoparticles in Fish Fauna
  5. Mechanical Aspect of Nanoparticles in Fish
  6. Possible Toxicity of Nanomaterials in Fish Fauna
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