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Cloning – Scientific and Societal Perspectives
Submission DeadlineJul. 25, 2020

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Lead Guest Editor
Sidra Shafique
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Guest Editor
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In this issue Cloning – Scientific and Societal Perspectives, a complex topic of cloning is to be explored by the scientific community. How the cloning is expected to change the face of society in the near and far future? Society consists of an ecological and balanced network of humans, animals, plants, earth, and the environment. Humans look into cloning through a specific paradigm of history, values, and beliefs. Will the paradigm change to accept cloning or cloning is going to alter the paradigm? Today cloning is playing an important role in agriculture and sports. The spectrum of acceptance of food from agricultural cloning varies from being rejected altogether to be accepted with conditions to fully accepted. In this issue Cloning – Scientific and Societal Perspectives, we expect to address these issues through the lens of brilliant minds around. What is cutting edge research in the laboratory related to cloning? This issue is intended to cover the possible ways to modify human approach towards the pet, agricultural and human cloning. Future of cloning in general and of human cloning in particular needs to be discussed to visualize the society of our future generations. Articles are welcome to touch the issue of research, legislation, social and psychological aspects. Research, reviews, and short communications are welcome.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Mammalian cloning
  2. Future of pet cloning
  3. Cloning in agriculture
  4. Human cloning scientific perspectives
  5. Prediction of legislative changes
  6. Human cloning and psychology
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Published Papers
Authors: Sidra Shafique
Pages: 9-17 Published Online: May 27, 2020
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