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Archaeology and Science: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Archaeological Sciences represent the interface between archaeology and the natural and physical sciences, and they are nowadays a fundamental part of modern archaeological research.
By Pier Matteo Barone
Sep. 22, 2015

This interdisciplinary field of Archaeological Sciences requires close collaboration between archaeologists, art historians, museum curators, and different scientists who apply modern instrumental techniques to extract information from ancient past. In this way the aim of this topic is to bridge the gap among these figures with widely different scientific backgrounds sharing a common interest in developing and applying scientific methods, and providing a forum to encourage the continued integration of scientific methodologies in archaeological research.

Lead author Pier Matteo Barone, professor at The American Univeristy of Rome, involved in several archaeo-scientific researches, collected papers focusing on different fields of Science applied to Archaeology, from geophysics until forensics, from geoarchaeology until archaeometry, and from remote sensing until geology.

Researches in this specific field also span a time depth from the Paleolithic to the present, with active field and laboratory researches around the globe. These endeavors contribute to an understanding of both past and present day communities, covering globally relevant topics with the emphasis on the archaeological contexts and analytical techniques.

In particular, researches were collected giving a fresh and new prospective on the use of the RAG system for the management forensic and archaeological searches of burial grounds in UK, on the analysis and characterization of paleosoil, on the integration of different geophysical prospections in an archaeological context, on the geoarchaeological help to better understand pre-Roman and Roman cultures, on the discovery of new archaeological evidences using original remote sensing techniques, on the possibility to have a brand new standardization of a geo-archaeological approach to the Italian crime scenes, on the importance to detect moisture in archaeology and cultural heritage using non-destructive techniques, and, finally, on the innovative methods to study a famous Roman colony.

A special issue about the topic appeared recently in International Journal of Archaeology.

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