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How the Universe Is Working
The universe has ultimate principle known as unified force on which the universe is working. The unified force is deep rooted to the formation of the universe. The elementary particles spherically come from the distance and interact with three matter forces such as electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear forces lying in the inertia of masses of the planets and create unified force that controls the solar system and the same type of greater unified force controls the universe.
By M Tajuddin
Sep. 20, 2015

After big bang the total universe scattered away and began to move spherical way. Galaxies moved in spiral motion and planets moved around the sun and other stars. All motions are spherical in nature and all motions are alike. This is the reason 'the universe looks identical in whatever direction we look' (Hawking, 1996). Thus the universe is not chaotic but cosmos.

Elementary forces are the basic forces of the universe lying on the stars and matter forces are the secondary forces known as planetary forces lying in the planets. These two groups interact in two ways such as elementary forces to matter forces and elementary forces to elementary forces. First category of unified force controls the solar system in spherical way and second category controls the galaxy system in spiral motion. This bondage is the most powerful interaction in the universe.

As all motions are spherical, so all dimensional geometry comes under the domain of spherical geometry. So spherical geometry in the form of unified force can 'describe everything in the universe' (Hawking, 1996). But unified force does not accumulate all partial theories but it depends on all motions are spherical and all motions are alike.

The unified force and spherical geometry are not any utopian ideas, but they are real concepts of the world that are searched by our scientists for the last hundred of years. The elementary particles are virtual particles which are not detected by detectors, but natural phenomena caused by virtual particles are visible. 'The force-carrying particles exchanged between matter particles are virtual particles.We know they exist, however, because they do have a measurable effect: they give rise to forces between matter particles' (Hawking, 1996). Thus we have the results in our hands in favor of unified force such as planetary motions of planets, spiral motion of galaxies, interaction between virtual particles and matter particles and all motion are alike.

Lead author M. Tajuddin, Ph.D.spent about twenty five years as specialist and researcher. He presented many research papers and published many articles at home and abroad. He wrote four books on physical sciences such as 'Einstein: Unification Theory of Physics' vol-I&II, 'Einstein's Universe' and 'Einstein:Unification Theory and Unified Force' in the form of manuscript. 'Einstein's Universe' has become one of the best sellers in the country.

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