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A Muscular Body for Which Price in the Algerians Bodybuilding
The health requires a good reflection of the actors and decision makers (Yves Géry, 2012). Where our find Background theorical based on the site by (Steven B. Karch, MD, FFFLM, 2006) that the hypothesis of doping is easily.
By Mohammed Zerf
Sep. 20, 2015

Advanced to the athletes who use it for quick visual successful?

Results in our case this result is significant in the anthropometric variables where our teenagers must avoid this ideal because their health could be in danger, from that we recommend our leaders in sports to create programs of prevention in the Algerian Leisure sports based on the Model of the Institute Medicine USA.

Our experience is composed of Five (5) voluntarily Algerian teenagers who practices bodybuilder and wants to involve doping in their practice for two months where it was agreed that the Search team is not responsible for Complications.

Health foremost. Integrated the Anti-doping policy for the education of our athlete.

“Based in the results accuses in two months we confirm: (1) that the Doping gives good visual results anthropometric; (2) Doping destabilizes the regulation of vital functions.”

Our work was divided into two team –researches: Field team1 and a Lab team.

Physical Education Institute Laboratory OPAPS Physiology Laboratory Physical Education and Sports Institute supported the research.

A paper about the study appeared recently in sport and Health Journal.

Here is the paper link:

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