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Faster-than-light Tachyon Atom Based on Special Relativity Lorentz Transformation
It’s theoretically possible that the big bang produced matter and Tachyon matter rather than matter-antimatter. The quantum entanglement of two universes explains the effect of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Below is a picture of a Tachyon atom.
By Jasonh Cole
Jan. 26, 2016

In a recent paper published by author Jason Cole, cosmological questions such as the nature of Dark Energy, Dark matter, missing antimatter, can be answered when we use a big bang of matter and Tachyon matter rather than matter-antimatter. The two universe evolved in parallel, separated by the speed of light but quantum entangled and operate as one universe balancing each other out to zero. This theory not only explains why we see no antimatter but explains what makes the universe expand and what prevents galaxies from flying apart. The quantum entangled Tachyon universe with our visible universe has its version of the strong, weak and EM force to give it subatomic structure overcoming the large scale repulsive nature of FTL matter.

"As our universe expands and accelerate the Tachyon universe shaped like a hyperboloid contracts. Because of quantum entanglement it is forcing our universe to expand and the Tachyon universe to contract to keep the overall energy to zero like in any quantum entangled system."

In the paper, Jason Cole shows that e=mc2 can come in different forms: matter-antimatter, Tachyon matter-anti Tachyon matter and matter and Tachyon matter. If Tachyon matter is created in a new type of matter-Tachyon matter big bang creation then it wouldn't violate Special Relativity because Tachyon matter always travel faster than light and can't slow down to light speed. A parallel universe consisting of Tachyon matter evolved along with our visible slower than light universe. Even though their separated by the speed of light the effect of their quantum entanglement causing them to act as one universe explains the effects of Dark Energy and Dark matter.

Jason Cole goes on to suggest that this Tachyon base theory can be tested by taking hollow hyperboloid shaped electric oscillating dipoles to propagate the type of EM radiation that comes from moving charged Tachyon matter. The EM waves that propagate from moving charged Tachyon particles still travel at the speed of light but the structure of the EM wave will be reversed analogous to a sphere compared to Hyperboloid. It is that difference in EM wave structures that gives Tachyon radiation its unique properties. If this experiment produces new EM properties compared to ordinary EM waves, then it will indirectly prove the existence of Tachyons in support of the Imaginary mass Lambda CDM model.

Jason Cole, Department of Physics, Warped Dynamics, LLC
A paper about a study appeared recently in American Journal of Modern physics

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