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What is Wrong with Special & General Relativity?
Is the time relative? Is the time a function of space on a moving body? Is there a space-time? Are the Maxwell’s equations relative? Is the propagation of light relative? Is the universe expanding? Is the universe accelerating? Was there a big-bang? Is a second a second, irrespective of the frame of reference, everywhere in the universe?
By Bandula Dahanayake
Jan. 25, 2016

If the Lorentz-Einstein transformation had been unique, we would have answered “yes” to all those questions.According to a recent paper appeared in theInternational Journal ofAstrophysics and Space Science, the Lorentz-Einstein transformation isnot unique! Therefore, the answer to all the above questions will be a definite “NO”.

The time is absolute; not relative. The time on a moving body does not depend on the space; there is no space-time. The Maxwell’s equations are absolute. The propagation of light is absolute. They do not depend on the frame of reference.

If the Maxwell’s equations and the propagation of light are not relative, how does the speed of light remain a universal constant independent of the frame of reference in the nature? A moving body contracts in all directions. It is this contraction of a moving body in all directions that keeps the speed of light a universal constant,independent of a frame of reference.

The special relativity and the General relativity are based on the premise that the Maxwell’s equations and the propagation of light are relative; this basic premise is wrong. If the Maxwell’s equations are relative, the speed of light is no longer unique due to the presence of the Shear Electro-Magnetic (SEM) waves. The Maxwell’s equations and the propagation of light are not relative. The special relativity and the general relativity do not hold true in the nature. The universe is not expanding. A second is a second, independent of the frame of reference, everywhere in the universe.Contrary to widely held belief, the energy divided by square of the speed of light is not the mass since propagation of light is not relative.

The complete detail can be found in the article:

Maxwell’s Equations and Propagation of Light: Not Relative
B. Sc. Eng. (Honours.), M. Eng., M. Sc. (Computer), PHD

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