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How Portals of the Invisible Multiverse Operate
Since all the universes of our invisible Multiverse are mutually invisible, it is obvious that physical objects, as the distance to portal entrances connecting them increases, gradually become invisible to observers located at the entrances to portals; and, conversely, are gradually transformed from invisible to visible to observers located at the entrances to portals.
By Alexander Antonov
Jan. 13, 2016
From http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/journal/index?journalid=126

This still unknown process of transformation of visible images into invisible, or, conversely, invisible images into visible is a new object of study of physical optics.

What is the physical and mathematical background of such a study? First of all, this is the problem of understanding the physical nature of imaginary numbers distinguished in mathematics for over 500 years. Actually, it is clear to everyone what the measurable real numbers, for example, 5 kg, 30 minutes or 2 meters are, though no one understands what the imaginary 5 kg, imaginary 30 minutes, or imaginary 2 meters mean. And until recently no onehas needed to understand.

However,it should have been explained in the special theory of relativity (STR) discovered100 years ago, since the imaginary values had been included in its relativistic formulas at superluminal speeds. Having no idea how to explain it, authors of STR did it a simple way: they actually postulated the principle of non-exceedance light speed. Thus, the authors of STR offered to assume that imaginary numbers are a physical nonsense and therefore they are nonexistent.

However,such a statement appeared to be wrong, as the physical reality of imaginary numbers, in contrast to the failed MINOS and OPERA experiments, is absolutely reliably confirmed by:
• Existence of the physical phenomenon of resonance discovered 400 years ago;
• Ohm's law discovered nearly 200 years ago;
• Andeven by sound of church bellsand many other shock oscillations known for ages, such as tsunami, sound of pianoanda kid’s swing being pushed by parents to get a swinging motion.

Consequently, the physical theories, hypotheses and principles of physical reality of imaginary numbers shall be taken into account. However, due to extremely specialized educationphysicists appeared to have insufficient preparation, since they are taught to seek answers to all their questions by means of experiments on colliders. So, how then Ohm's law can be explained to prove physical reality of imaginary numbers by means of experiments on colliders?

Therefore, an explanation of physical reality of imaginary numbers was found rather in the theory of linear electric circuits used in electrical engineering andradiotronics than in physics. And since nature is one whole and mathematics is unifiedfor all sciences, the principle of physical reality of imaginary numbers shall be recognized as generally scientific. For this reason, it shall be concluded that imaginary mass,imaginary length and other imaginary physical values corresponding to relativistic formulas of STR at superluminal speedsare actually physically existent.

They are incomprehensible just because they areinvisible. And they are invisible because they are behind the event horizon. Or, in other words, they are in other dimensions. Therefore, the above-mentioned 5 kg, 30 minutes and 2 meters are imaginary because they relate to physical objects in another universe.

This hypothesis was proposed by Dr. Alexander A. Antonov, who received his PhD at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in Russia. In accordance with this hypothesis discovered almost 100 years ago, dark matter and dark energy are invisible parallel universes of the hidden (i.e., invisible) Multiverse. And it is absolutely consistent with experimental data obtained from WMAP and Planck space stations. According to this hypothesis:
• Different parallel universes are invisible because they are in other dimensions;
• Six adjacent invisible parallel universes correspond to dark matter, therefore the Multiverse has quaternion structure;
• The remaining two dozen of parallel universes shielded from our universe by dark matter correspond todark energy;
• Inability to explain chemical composition of dark matter and dark energy is caused by the fact that the tools for analysis of their content is in another (i.e. our) universe.

It is notably that parallel universes forming a hidden Multiverse in the relevant multidimensional space drift and, therefore, partially penetrate into each other forming so-called portals or star gates. Relatively small physical objectscantransit from one parallel universe to another. Such objects include neither planets, nor stars, nor galaxies, otherwise theirdisappearance or appearance would be detected by astronomers.

The possibility of such transitions is confirmed by the law of communicating vessels, according to which parameters of environment in areas before and beyond the portals should be almost identical. Therefore, inhabitants of the adjacent universes can use the portals. Should at least one portal between the Earth and space be opened, the Earth would have remained without its atmosphere and hydrosphere. This might supposedly have once happened on Mars.

Therefore, as the distance from entrancesto portals inwards the portals increases, people will gradually become more and more invisible. In order to understand how a person can become invisible beyond the portals, it shall be studied what geophysical processes (probably electromagnetic) occur in the portals of the Earth, which are supposed to be the so-called anomalous zones.

However, it shall be clarified that anomalism of these zones is caused byapparent willingness of inhabitants of universes which are beyond the portals to secure themselves against penetration of unbidden guests from Earth. This is proved by placement at the entrances to the portals of protective devices unknown to us which are similar to our scarecrow, door locks, etc. Therefore, to avoid serious troubles (for example, like troublesrelated tobreaking and enteringsomeone’s apartment), we will need to get permission from the inhabitants of extraterrestrialcivilizations which are much moreadvanced and powerfulthan our human civilization. It is proved by creation of anomalous zones by them, not by us.

Consequently, main attention, particularly, in the program SETI, should be paid to obtaining the consent of extraterrestrial inhabitants to our contacts with them, rather than to search for extraterrestrialcivilizations (they have certainly long existed in areas beyond the portals, i.e.alongside us).

Dr. Alexander A.Antonov, Director, Research Centre of information technology “TELAN Electronics”, Kiev, Ukraine

A paper about the study appeared recently in Optics

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