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Comparative Study of Consistency Behavior and Shear Strength of Clayey Soils of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh
Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2019, Pages: 28-34
Received: Feb. 19, 2019; Accepted: Mar. 26, 2019; Published: May 11, 2019
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Ankur Nandy, Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Noosrat Rashid, Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Md. Ashikuzzaman, Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Syed Abdul Mofiz, Department of Civil Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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This paper aims at introducing the Fall Cone Test (FCT) to obtain the shear strength of clayey soils and reveals its applicability by comparing the results obtained from that of Unconfined Compression Test (UCT). Furthermore, the liquid and plastic limit obtained from Casagrande method also compared with that obtained from FCT. For these, soils were collected from Godagari, Tanore, and Nauhata from Rajshahi District (RD). At first, Hydrometer analysis was performed in each soil to know the physical properties. Then Atterberg Limit test was carried out by considering Casagrande Method. After that UCT was shown in each land to find the shear strength of the clay soils. Lastly, FCT was conducted to find out the shear strength, LL and PL. FCT shows a lower amount of liquid and plastic limit than the values measured in the Casagrande Method except plastic limit for Tanore for FCT whereas Godagari shows the higher value of shear strength considering FCT. This research can be concluded with further research should be conducted to ensure its accuracy. On the other hand, it can be drawn which soil have more consistency and shear strength considering others.
Fall Cone Test, Unconfined Compression Test, Casagrande Method, Consistency Behavior, Shear Strength
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Ankur Nandy, Noosrat Rashid, Md. Ashikuzzaman, Syed Abdul Mofiz, Comparative Study of Consistency Behavior and Shear Strength of Clayey Soils of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh, Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. Vol. 4, No. 1, 2019, pp. 28-34. doi: 10.11648/j.jccee.20190401.13
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