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Oxidative Modification of Lipids and Lipoproteins in Steady State Sickle Cell Anemic Patients from South-Eastern Nigeria
American Journal of Pediatrics
Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages: 84-88
Received: Aug. 6, 2018; Accepted: Oct. 12, 2018; Published: Nov. 7, 2018
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Sylvester Ogbonna Ogbodo, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria
Christopher Bismarck Eke, Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Enugu, Nigeria
Emmanuel Ikechukwu Nwobodo, Department of Biochemistry, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli, Nigeria
Ejike Felix Chukwurah, Department of Hematology/Immunology, Faculty of Clinical Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Vitus Obinna Agama, Department of Applied Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
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Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease associated with constant medical crises. These crises are due to many biochemical and hematological changes arising from multi-organ damages. This study was aimed to assess changes in the plasma levels of lipids and specific lipoproteins in sickle cell anemia patients who were in their steady states. The study is a cross-sectional one involving 75 patients with sickle cell anemia, who were in their stable states while attending their routine check-up at the sickle cell clinic of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria and 72 age and sex-matched apparently healthy school children with normal blood genotypes. The patients were made up of 40 males and 35 females while the controls were 36 males and 36 females. The results of the study showed that patients have the following; total cholesterol 135 ± 38.6mg/dL, HDL-cholesterol 22.7 ± 8.1mg/dL, LDL-cholesterol 91.4 ± 41.2mg/dL, VLDL-cholesterol 20.5 ± 5.0mg/dL and triglycerides 102.7 ± 25.2mg/dL, while the results from the controls were; total cholesterol 162.2 ± 27.4mg/dL, HDL-cholesterol 36.6 ± 7.9mg/dL, LDL-cholesterol 100.2 ± 23.9mg/dL, VLDL-cholesterol 25.4 ± 3.7mg/dL and triglycerides 127.0 ± 18.4mg/dL. These results showed that there were significant decreases (p<0.001 in all) in these parameters in sickle cell anemia except LDL-cholesterol (p=0.28), indicating oxidative modifications of the lipids and the lipoproteins. However, there were no significant differences (p>0.05) between the parameters obtained in males and females in both patients and controls. Lipids and lipoproteins were significantly reduced in steady state sickle cell anemia, causing the patients to depend mainly on limited carbohydrates and proteins for the provision of energy. This may account for constant lack of energy as well as the frail and fragile appearances of these patients.
Oxidative Modification, Lipids and Lipoproteins, Sickle Cell Anemia
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Sylvester Ogbonna Ogbodo, Christopher Bismarck Eke, Emmanuel Ikechukwu Nwobodo, Ejike Felix Chukwurah, Vitus Obinna Agama, Oxidative Modification of Lipids and Lipoproteins in Steady State Sickle Cell Anemic Patients from South-Eastern Nigeria, American Journal of Pediatrics. Vol. 4, No. 4, 2018, pp. 84-88. doi: 10.11648/j.ajp.20180404.12
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