Investigations on the Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pure and Mg-Doped Nano-CuCrO2
American Journal of Nano Research and Applications
Volume 2, Issue 6-1, December 2014, Pages: 53-60
Received: Nov. 16, 2014; Accepted: Nov. 19, 2014; Published: Dec. 23, 2014
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Dirk Friedrich, Wilhelm-Ostwald-Institute of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Mineralogy, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
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This paper presents some investigations on the hydrothermal synthesis of nano-CuCrO2. Several successively altered synthesis protocols are used to investigate effects of changing the mineralizer amount, lowering reaction temperature and addition of a reducing agent. As a result modified protocols for the hydrothermal synthesis of pure and Mg-doped CuCrO2 are presented. Different washing and annealing steps are used to perform a comparative XRD-study on these materials.
Delafossite, CuCrO2, Hydrothermal Synthesis
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Dirk Friedrich, Investigations on the Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pure and Mg-Doped Nano-CuCrO2, American Journal of Nano Research and Applications. Special Issue: Advanced Functional Materials. Vol. 2, No. 6-1, 2014, pp. 53-60. doi: 10.11648/j.nano.s.2014020601.17
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