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Illuminance (lm M-2) of Compact 20W-HCFL Tube
Science Research
Volume 3, Issue 4, August 2015, Pages: 170-179
Received: May 11, 2015; Accepted: May 23, 2015; Published: Jun. 5, 2015
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Lyuji Ozawa, The Japanese Government licensed consultant in science, Beijing, China
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It has found that the study on the FL tubes has made with the deliberately modified Ulbricht Spheres for the determination of the luminous efficiency (lm W) that uses in the study on the colorimetry and that invalidates the study on the light sources. The study on the light sources should make with either illuminance (lm m-2), or luminance (cd m-2) and irradiance (W m-2). The rooms in the house should be illuminated with the daytime scenery with the slightly overcastting sky (330 lm m-2) that human eyes adjust for 5 million years. The illuminance (lm m-2) of the commercial compact-20W-HCFL tubes, which have selected from the stores, has determined with the corrected Ulbricht Sphere. The selection criterion is the temperature of the positive column above 60oC of the lighted FL tubes. The examined compact 20W-HCFL tubes have the illuminance (5700 ± 300 lm m-2). Two compact 20W-HCFL tubes that set in a large opaque plastic cover comfortably illuminate the 30 m2 with the 380 lm m-2. The determined W does not involve in the generation energy of the lights in the FL tubes. The reduction of the Wact of the external AC driving circuits remains for a future study.
FL Tube, Illuminance, Light Source, Ulbricht Sphere, Luminous Efficiency
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Lyuji Ozawa, Illuminance (lm M-2) of Compact 20W-HCFL Tube, Science Research. Vol. 3, No. 4, 2015, pp. 170-179. doi: 10.11648/
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