Effect of Early Nursing Preparation on Anxiety Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization
American Journal of Nursing Science
Volume 5, Issue 5, October 2016, Pages: 222-231
Received: Oct. 1, 2016; Accepted: Oct. 12, 2016; Published: Oct. 31, 2016
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Samira E. Aboalizm, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt
Nahid F. El Gahsh, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt
Samah E. Masry, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt
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When patients are hospitalized for diagnostic methods, including cardiac catheterization, the anxiety increases. Therefore, treating these reactions can speed up recovery and decrease of anxiety that causes cardiac complication. Study evaluates the effect of early nursing preparation on anxiety among patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. A quasi experimental research design was utilized. The study was conducted at the Cardiac Catheterization Unit of Menoufia University Hospital, Menoufia Governorate, Shebien El-Kom, Egypt. Subjects: A purposive sample of 100 adult patients of both sexes who were admitted to the cardiac catheterization unit. Tools: two tools were utilized. Tool I: cardiac catheterization patients needs assessment: structured interviewing scheduled questionnaire, consisted of the following: Part 1: Sociodemographic and clinical data. Part II: Cardiac Catheterization Knowledge Assessment Sheet. Tool II: Hamilton anxiety rating scale (HAM-A). Results: the study group had better knowledge than control group, there were statistical significant differences were existed between study and control group regarding the anxiety level at day and post procedure at P values = 0.0001. There were highly statistically significant difference and correlation existed between anxiety and age, gender and level of education at p value= 0.0001. There was a significant correlation between knowledge and anxiety scores at P value= 0.004. Conclusion: it can be concluded that, the early preparation and gave patients’ information before cardiac catheterization improve patients’ knowledge and reduced anxiety.
Nursing Preparation, Anxiety, Cardiac Catheterization
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Samira E. Aboalizm, Nahid F. El Gahsh, Samah E. Masry, Effect of Early Nursing Preparation on Anxiety Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization, American Journal of Nursing Science. Vol. 5, No. 5, 2016, pp. 222-231. doi: 10.11648/j.ajns.20160505.17
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