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Remote Sensing Technology Contributes Towards Food Security of Bangladesh
American Journal of Remote Sensing
Volume 1, Issue 3, June 2013, Pages: 67-71
Received: May 30, 2013; Published: Jun. 20, 2013
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Suraiya Begum, Principal Scientific Officer, Regional Remote Sensing Centre (RRSC) Division, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO), Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mehrun Nessa, Chief Scientific Officer, Atmospheric Research Division, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO), Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Remote Sensing as well as Space Technology has a spin off benefit in the socio-economic uplift of the countries that has it. It promotes the quality of life of the whole society. Food security means that everyone should get enough food throughout the year to satisfy their nutritional needs. Bangladesh is an agricultural country .Its development and economy depends predominantly on agriculture as well as food security. Rice is the main crop of the country. The main rice is Aus, Aman and Boro which is produced in every part of Bangladesh. The crop monitoring using the Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information System (GIS) has a great potential to provide the near real time information on crop growth condition, production and damage of crops due to natural disasters like cyclone, flood, drought etc. Timely and accurate information about the natural resources like crops as well as environmental conditions play a significant role towards food security .It helps the decision-aids of disaster management and national food security policy for the sustainable development of the country. Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) conducts monitoring of crop and weather in this regard regularly. In this paper, crop monitoring using Remote Sensing Technology towards food security of Bangladesh, will be discussed.
Crop monitoring, Estimation, Food security, Production, Remote Sensing Technology
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Suraiya Begum, Mehrun Nessa, Remote Sensing Technology Contributes Towards Food Security of Bangladesh, American Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 1, No. 3, 2013, pp. 67-71. doi: 10.11648/j.ajrs.20130103.12
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