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Spacetime or, Space-Energy Universe
American Journal of Modern Physics
Volume 4, Issue 2, March 2015, Pages: 50-69
Received: Dec. 17, 2014; Accepted: Dec. 28, 2014; Published: Mar. 6, 2015
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Markos Georgallides, Larnaca, Cyprus
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This article is Supplementary of my prior [38], where was shown in, Flow Plan, that Energy-Space universe (the beyond Planck`s length, Gravity`s and Spaces` levels) is [PNS] Space Anti-Space as work → W = ∫ P. ds = 0, which is the cause of Spaces existence. Also, are Presented the fundamental equations of [PNS], unifying the known homogenous Euclidean geometry (|λ|=λ) and the source term Energy (ds ̅. dP=λ. Λ=constant K1, 2, 3 with motion Λ), and imbedding in them all conservation physical laws with the only two quantized magnitudes λ, (Λ ) ̅on Monad ĀB., i. e. The Space-Energy Universe. Breakages [s²= ± (w ̅. r)²] in Inertial systems consist [MFMF] Field and [i] =2(w ̅. r)² the Gravity force. Momentum as velocity → [velocity= v ̅g = the breakage 2(w ̅r)² ], is the cross product of two velocity vectors v ̅1, v ̅2, which form on Medium→ |±(w ̅. r)²| = |λ| the Intrinsic Electromagnetic Stationary Field →[Electric (E) ┴ Magnetic (P)], following the cycloid motion. Breakages and Particles with velocity, v ̅, being the units of matter with Electric charge, q=λm, as their physical property is, when placed in prior referred Electromagnetic Field E┴P, where like charges repel and unlike charges attract, experience a force as Lorentz force, and this is called Gravity- Force, and equal to → Fg = q. [E+ v ̅xP] ← where also Gravity- Field → Gf = [E+ v ̅xP] ←. Analysis of the, Intrinsic Stationary Electromagnetic wave of particles, and a wide critic in Mechanics and Relativity is added.
The Space-Energy Unification, Gravity and Relativity, the Absolute Frames in Nature
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Markos Georgallides, Spacetime or, Space-Energy Universe, American Journal of Modern Physics. Vol. 4, No. 2, 2015, pp. 50-69. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmp.20150402.13
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