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Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Faecal droppings of Swine in Pankshin Urban, Pankshin Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria
American Journal of Life Sciences
Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2015, Pages: 119-122
Received: Aug. 3, 2013; Accepted: May 20, 2014; Published: Apr. 10, 2015
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Agumah Nnabuife Bernard, Department of Applied Microbiology, Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Daminabo V., Department of Microbiology Rivers State College of Arts and Sciences, Rivers State, Nigeria
Ekam E., Federal School of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State, Nigeria
Okonkwo E. C., Department of Applied Microbiology, Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Nwuzo A. C., Department of Applied Microbiology, Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Afiukwa F. N., Department of Applied Microbiology, Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
Agah M. V., Department of Applied Microbiology, Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Nigeria
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A total of 240 faecal samples of swine from Pankshin urban was collected and examined for the incidence of intestinal parasites. A total prevalence rate of 32.5% was recorded. With respect to location, Special site recorded the highest prevalence (10%) while Yimtul recorded the lowest prevalence (6.67%). Based on incidence of individual species Ascaris suum recorded the highest prevalence while Strongyloides recorded the lowest prevalence (1.9%). The outdoor method of pig breeding in most areas of Pankshin was assumed to be a major factor in the distribution of these parasites since pigs are raised for both commercial and subsistent purpose.
Swine, Parasites, Fecal
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Agumah Nnabuife Bernard, Daminabo V., Ekam E., Okonkwo E. C., Nwuzo A. C., Afiukwa F. N., Agah M. V., Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Faecal droppings of Swine in Pankshin Urban, Pankshin Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria, American Journal of Life Sciences. Vol. 3, No. 2, 2015, pp. 119-122. doi: 10.11648/j.ajls.20150302.19
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