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Call for Book Chapters
Heterocyclic Compounds and Biological Applications
Proposal Submission Deadline:
Feb. 28, 2016
Notification of Acceptance:
Mar. 30, 2016
Full Chapter Submission:
May 30, 2016
Review Results Returned:
Jun. 1, 2016
Final Chapter Submission:
Jul. 30, 2016
Proposal Submission Deadline: Feb. 28, 2016
1-2 pages including abstract, chapter objectives and chapter outlines with Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Submit to with the subject title as: "Heterocyclic Compounds and Biological Applications - Chapter Proposal".
Full Chapter Submission Deadline: May 30, 2016
Book Editors
Editor-in-Chief: DR. M.R.JAYAPAL
H.NO 4-100/29/D
Santhosh Nagar, Yenugonda, Mahabubnagar, Andrapradesh, India
Mobile: + 91 9494134917
Brief introduction of the book
This book differs from others on name reactions in organic chemistry by focusing on their mechanisms and biological applications like Anti Cancer, Anti HIVand antimicrobial and some more. It covers over number of classical as well as contemporary name reactions. Biographical sketches for the chemists who discovered or developed those name reactions have been included. Each reaction is delineated by its detailed step-by-step, electron-pushing mechanism, supplemented with the original and the latest references, especially review articles.
Topics of the book
• Bioorganic Chemistry
• Catalysis
• Chemical Biology
• Fluorescent Molecules and Dyes
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Natural Products Chemistry
• New Synthetic Methods
• Organic Reactions
• Organic Synthesis
• Organometallic and Microwave Chemistry
• Physical Organic Chemistry
• Supramolecular Chemistry
• Synthesis of Functional Materials
• Total Synthesis
Objectives of the book
A perusal of any synthesis and properties of heterocyclic compounds andrganic chemistry including synthesis, bioorganic, medicinal, natural products, organometallic, supramolecular, molecular recognition and physical organic chemistry. Many of those studies include a short history of the biological and commercial applications of related compounds, and often include biological screening data corresponding to newly reported compounds. This strong connection between the preparation of heterocyclic compounds and their potential benefit to humanity is both welcomed and encouraged.
Book Audience
The book is very useful to the researchers, post graduates and UG students.
A Text Book of Heterocyclic Compounds and Bilogical Applications shows readers how to interpret the experimental data obtained from an organic reaction, and specifically how an organic reaction mechanism can be considered or rejected based on the analysis of the experimental evidence. Examining a series of selected examples of mechanisms, organic reaction mechanisms and biological applications focuse on real cases and discusses them in detail, following the same methodology: introduction, experimental data and discussion. The examples are arranged to elucidate key aspects of organic reaction mechanisms. The authors employ all the types of information that the authors of the original work considered useful and necessary, including kinetic and thermodynamic data, isotopic labelling and organic reactivity. The book makes an excellent primer for advanced Researchers and post graduate and undergraduates in chemistry who are preparing for exams and is also useful for graduate students and instructors.
Chapter Submission Procedure
Researchers are invited to submit on or before May 30, 2016 full chapters. All submitted chapter will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. Review Results are expected to be returned before Jun. 1, 2016. Contributors may also be requested to serve as a reviewer for this project. Final chapters are expected to be submitted before Jul. 30, 2016.
This book is scheduled to be published by Science Publishing Group and it is anticipated to be released in 2016.
If you have any inquiries about this program, please contact Editor-in-Chief: DR. M.R.JAYAPAL. Email:
Science Publishing Group
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